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We've entered into a new chapter of work, in which technology has made it much easier for people work and create a flexible work-life balance. The ability to turn in your work from the comfort of your couch might sound like a dream — but it's quickly becoming a reality for professionals.


According to a new infographic from Highfive, there was a 79.7% increase in the number of remote workers between 2005 and 2012.  

The Highfive graphic paints a clear picture of what working remotely looks like today around the World. It reveals which industries commonly hire remote workers, where these professionals live, and how much they make, on average.

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Thanks to technology, our overwhelming desire for better work-life balance, or a need for extra cash, freelancing is becoming the new norm in around the World.
As of 2014, more than 53 million Americans were doing freelance work, according to a survey conducted by the independent research firm Edelman Berland and commissioned by Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, which recently relaunched with the name Upwork.

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